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Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror is a mud run with challenges like no other. Set in the spectacular surroundings of the medieval village of kells, County Kilkenny you can be sure that’s it’s not  just the challenges that will take your breath away. This historical village will immerse you back in time (and mud!) The natural uneven, hilly, marshy terrain in Kells provides the perfect landscape for such an event. This scenic backdrop and perfect race day terrain combined with our design team’s epic challenges delivers a mud run experience in a class of it’s own. Read on for more information on this one of a kind event.

Are there still available waves?

Online booking closes closes at 10pm Friday 12th October. You must book online to guarantee a particular wave time. There will be very limited wave times available on the day. Cash payment on the day is subject to availability.

What time does it start?

The first wave starts at 9.00am. With waves every 10 minutes until 1.30pm. You/your team will need to book your preferred wave time subject to availability at the time of booking. With some waves already booked out and price increases due it is advisable to book sooner rather than later.

Is there a warm-up?

Yes! Each wave will be called to the warm up area 10 minutes before their start time for a fun, upbeat warm up and a safety briefing.

How fit do I need to be?

Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness should be able to complete the course… just take your time. If a challenge proves to be too daunting just skip it.

What are the course options?

R.O.T. LEGACY is our 5km route. A very doable course. In fact past participants on this route have enjoyed it so much that they wished they’d done the 10k to experience even more of the epic challenges!
R.O.T. LEGENDARY is our 10km route which hosts a range of fun and unique challenges.
R.O.T. MINI TERRORS is our 5km teenage route for ages 13-16. NB When booking an adult must FIRST enter their own date of birth to agree to the waiver and then enter the child’s date of birth.
R.O.T. SUPREMACY is the 9.00am 10km competitive wave.
R.O.T. RELENTLESS is the 9.10am endurance wave. Participants of this wave will keep looping the 10km course until the final wave of the day.

What should I bring?

A full change of clothes and footwear, a towel for drying down and a plastic bag for used clothes. A good sense of humour is also essential on the day!

Is there food available afterwards?

  • Food will be available at the Mill in Kells.
  • All contestants showing their wristband will receive a complimentary soup and roll after the race.
  • Freshly made burgers will be available to purchase.
  • A curry stall will be located at the Mill.
  • The Mill Café will be open on the day adjacent to the event.
  • Bob’s Shop in Kells will be open from 8 am to 8pm.
  • The Motte and Bailey bar will serve beverages and snacks.
  • Shirley’s pub will serve pizza and a curry stand will also be located at Shirleys.


There will be a team of stewards on duty on the day and identifiable by Reign of Terror High Viz Jackets. Please follow their instructions as they are there for your safety.


Registration will be signposted but please present yourselves at least 30 mins before your wave time

Each participant must sign a registration/waiver form on the day and if they do not sign it, they will not be permitted to race. Any minor (13 to 18), will need to have an adult present with them to sign the waiver for them at registration desk. If you are part of a team you need to organize all team member to arrive at the registration desk at the same time.

You will receive a wristband which enables you to start the race and collect your complimentary cup of soup.

First Aid

There will be a clearly signed first aid post.

Post Race

For those of you wishing to have a commemorative photo of the day there will be a podium available where you can get your picture taken.

Outdoor communal showers will be available for a ‘rough clean down’ after for all participants. Note no shampoos will be able to be used. There will be a specific area for female participants to wash in the Female drop bag area if required. Male participants will be able to change in the Male drop bag area.

Leaving Kells

Stewards will guide cars from car parks onto the road.

Given that people will be tired, wet & dirty please take extra care.

What to Wear

  • Base layer tops and leggings that are aerodynamic. Ensure that tops have long sleeves to protect your arms and elbows during the run.
  • A couple of thin layers will provide more heat than one heavy layer.
  • Thin breathable layers will not weigh you down in mud and water.
  • Waterproof socks or double skin socks.
  • Tight fitting trainers. Trainers that are tightly laced and fit closely are far less likely to slip off in mud and in water.
  • Gloves will keep hands warm and allow grip at challenges. Fingerless cycling gloves are good.
  • A skull cap that is not a hindrance or danger to other contestants.

What NOT to Wear

  • Anything made of fleece or non breathable fabric. This will weigh you down when you go through water and mud.
  • Baggy Clothing. These will weigh you down when they get coated in water and mud and may also hinder you at challenges.
  • Jewellery – This will either get lost, broken or pose a safety risk of getting caught on something.
  • Spiked or studded shoes are prohibited for safety reasons and anyone who turns up with them will not be permitted to race.
  • Trainers that have tape strapped around them.

Arrival Planner

1. After parking your car make your way to Registration
2. Register and get your wristband
3. Leave your gear in the appropriate drop zones
4. Make your way to the Start line where there will be opportunity to warm up and meet other R.O.T..     warriors.
5. After the race get your picture taken at the podium
6. Then use the Rough Clean down Showers
7. Change in the place you left your bag
8. After changing make your way to the Mill where you can get your complimentary cup of soup

Are you tough enough,
be warned..

It is a condition of your taking part in Reign of Terror that:

(a) You are given a full safety briefing prior to participating. A safety briefing will be provided on the day of the event and you are obliged to attend that safety briefing before participating. If you arrive late, and have not attended the safety briefing, we cannot allow you participate.
(b) You are a minimum of 13 years of age at the time of signing up for the event .
(c) You acknowledge that there is an inherent risk of injury that could arise from the activity you a re agreeing to participate in. If you do not acknowledge this, you should advise the ROT organizing committee immediately.
(d) You are fit and healthy to participate, and if you have any previous or current medical conditions you must confirm that your GP/Specialist has confirmed you are able to participate .
(e) All challenges will be appropriately marshalled. You must accept the decisions and directions of the marshals.


  • Such friendly people on the course, well organised event, loved every minute of it. I would definitely do it again next year. Well done to all involved

    Mary Ní Ríain
  • Absolutely brilliant! Great course! Thanks to all those who were stewards on the day especially those that pushed and pulled us over the walls!

    Lena Bolger
  • Fantastic event in kells today, so well organized and managed.. well done to everyone involved, all the hard work that went into it for months beforehand…congrats on a great day.. looking forward to nxt year already

    Margaret Mccarthy
  • One of the best obstacle course race in the country.. really enjoyed it.. can’t wait for next year..

    Paul Molloy
  • Absolutely fantastic event…don’t know where to start with the praise. From start to finish no stone was left unturned. Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed and will be back!!

    Olivia Cuddihy
  • Brilliant definitely be back again. From start to finish every steward was kind and helpful. Well done to all involved.

    Chris Clancy Wilson
  • Great day great fun. Well done too all who took part and big well done to all who organised and helped out on the day. All the additional entertainment up at the mill was excellent.

    Anita Kirwan
  • Absolutely fantastic event, it was my first obstacle run and I’m raring to go on the next one. Very well run, so well done to everyone involved.

    Dave Burke
  • Fantastic event very well organised well done to everyone involved can’t wait to complete it next year already , didn get that far this year got injury 15 mins into it so gutted that happened..

    Niamh Mccormack

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