I decided to do Reign of Terror because I always liked the idea of this type of activity but never had the confidence to try it out. Having heard of others experiences of it, I just said ‘why not!’ I’ll be doing the 5k route and going solo as far as I know, although I will know lots of others there.

I’m really looking forward now to doing the Reign of Terror course. It’s right before my 40th birthday and I’m hoping it’ll give me a confidence boost heading into my 40s (eeek!) I know lots of people, of varying fitness levels, who participated last year. They all really enjoyed the event and had nothing but positive comments about the whole experience. They all recommended giving everything a go, saying that the support from other competitors and volunteers at each obstacle would get me over them.

After looking at the obstacles on the website I’m really looking forward to trying the Motte and Bales, Mud Plunge, Alice’s Arctic Ambush, Phil’s Hill and the Crusade of Kilreel.

I’m not afraid of getting mucky and wet so I think these will create some great belly laughs.

I’d say though I will find Victory Hill a challenge…the thoughts! I just cannot imagine myself getting up it.

I’m not as fit as I used to be but I’d say I have a decent level of fitness. I love walking (I don’t run!) and I enjoy exercise classes and goalkeeping for my local Kilkenny hockey club. I just started TJ Reid’s Reign of Terror focused classes which are great sweaty fun every Wednesday and Friday at 5.30. I’m hoping the classes will give me the upper body strength and confidence to take on, and get over each obstacle! I’m short and heavy, so this is a major challenge for me. However, having this pre event training is already making the course seem less daunting!

Click here for information on TJ Reid’s Reign of Terror Fitness Classes

The setting in Kells, Co. Kilkenny, is quite spectacular with it’s ruins, mill, river, paths and village. It gives great variety to the event. Also I hear the people from the village are so welcoming and supportive to all participants so there’s always a feel-good vibe there.

I always enjoy taking a trip to Kells a few times a year as the setting is so lovely. Enjoying a picnic/coffee at the Mill and then strolling around the Priory ruins is magical and I feel like I’m on an adventure every time! However I’m sure my greatest Kell’s adventure awaits me on October 21st!!

I’ve a nervous excitement about taking on this challenge, but because of the great reports I’ve heard I know it’ll be a fun day out.