I wasn’t planning on doing Reign of Terror at all. I’ve never done any race let alone an event like this before in my life. However when my daughter Donna, who lives near Kells, Co. Kilkenny, said it to me I thought, ‘ Why not!’ I heard Donna saying that you don’t have to run it and you can walk it all if you want. Even if I did run some of the course, the distance I would have to run isn’t very far, so I said, “feck it, I’ll do it”. Of course the rest of my family soon found out of my plan and my daughter Lyndsey and son Paul said they were going to do it with me too! It was quickly becoming a reality that this was in fact going to happen and there was no backing out now!!

As I mentioned I’ve never done any race of any type in my life before. In fact, I’ve never ran for longer than 10 minutes! I played a lot of hurling, football and soccer in my day but that was almost 35 years ago and back in those days you wouldn’t have done a lot of physical training. It was mostly matches and drills but not running long distances or anything like that. I’m not doing any specific training really for the Reign of Terror. I walk the dog every day. The dog is getting old now though so he isn’t able for long walks so I probably walk 20 minutes a few times per day. Since I decided to do the Reign of Terror I am trying to do more. Now I have started doing a bit of jogging when I’m out with the dog for a short time just to build up a bit of fitness. I can only jog for a minute or two before I have to take a break but I’ll build it up and I’m getting better every time I go out.

I’ve looked online at reignofterror.ie to see the obstacles and the course. The obstacles that I think will be the most challenging for me are the ones that need a bit of upper body strength as I wouldn’t be strong. However I hear from everyone that there are volunteers at each obstacle that will help you and the camaraderie at Reign of Terror is terrific so that is very reassuring. For me this is a massive challenge but one I’m looking forward to. I’ll give each obstacle a try but if I can’t do one of them I’ll just go around it. I would however like to finish it saying “I did them all”.

If I manage to complete the Reign of Terror I will be delighted. All my grandkids will be down watching the event and it would be fantastic for them to see grandad being physically active and crossing the finish line with their parents. If I manage to beat any of them then I will be beyond ecstatic, I’ll never let them live it down, only joking! It is a massive challenge for me and to do it with my kids is sure to be special and will probably be something I’ll remember for years. In this life we can’t help getting older but that doesn’t mean we have to get old! I would say to anyone else my age, who is thinking about doing the Reign of Terror, to rally the family around you and go for it!