1. Obstacle Course Entry

It is said that ‘Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations’ and this is certainly true of Reign of Terror which is an obstacle course race set in the picturesque, medieval village of Kells, Co. Kilkenny. The event will take place on Saturday 29th September 2018 and sees participants’ breath been taken away by both the muddy, rough terrain and the spectacular landscape of this gem of a village. The event itself is an inspiration having doubled its number of participants in 2017 from its inaugural event the year before! Almost 2,000 people enjoyed the event and in 2018 it is sure to be a sell-out.

We all need something to motivate us and keep us on track health and fitness wise so what better gift than an entry to this challenging, fun-filled event. Set a new healthy goal for your family, friends and of course yourself by registering for the event which caters for all levels of fitness and for ages 13 and over.

2. Creating Success Talk

Einstein once said that ‘You never fail until you stop trying’ and you can be sure that some of the most accomplished people of our times have their share of unsuccessful as well as successful stories to tell before they realised their dreams. Be inspired by some of Ireland’s finest business leaders and achievers on the evening of Monday 19th February in Kilkenny’s Rivercourt Hotel. For more information and to buy a ticket go to www.creatingsuccess.ie

3. Inspirational Books

There is nothing more motivational than reading about the triumph of others against all odds. It gives us a sense of comfort in believing that if that person can do it then so can I. It instils hope and can incite our inspiration. One such Irish Autobiography which delivers on both counts is ‘The Choice’ by Philly McMahon. It’s not your typical G.A.A. read with recounts about the toughness of trainings and challenges of being an inter county player. It focusses more on the toughness of his upbringing and challenges faced on a daily basis growing up in inner city Dublin. With this book McMahon echoes Stephen Covey’s sentiments in that ‘I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.’

Irishman Declan Coyle’s book ‘The Green Platform’ is another fantastic book that deals with life choices. We all have the power within to choose our reactions to whatever life throws at us. How we deal with simple everyday problems as well as the bigger issues dictates our lifestyle. We control how we allow negative people/problems affect our daily living and this book gives us the tools towards this self-empowerment. Are you going to let life happen to you or are you going to happen to life! For more information visit thegreenplatform.com